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Gel or Acrylics – We’ve got you covered


Our brilliant nail artists at Boombae specialise in both gel nails and acrylic extensions. Hands or toes, from a simple one-colour set of nails to intricate nail art. Just have a chat with our artists and they will make your ideas come to life!

Gel nails

Check out @ap_nailcam work!

Acrylic extensions

Check out @nichenails1 work!



Check out our price list for nails below. Gel nails last up to 2-3 weeks depending on your nail growth. Infill is recommended every 2-3 weeks for Acrylic nails.


Gel Nails


  • Hands & toes OFFER (one colour) £30
  • Hands (one colour) £15
  • Toes £15
  • Hands removal £5
  • Hands (some art add-on) £2
  • Toes removal £5
  • Hands with advanced nail art £20

Acrylic Extensions


  • Full set acrylic (one colour) £25
  • Full set pink & white ombre £30
  • Full set colour ombre £35
  • Full set colour French £35
  • Full set advanced Nail Art £35
  • Full set infills £20
  • Removal £10
  • Add-ons (3D/Crystals/Charms) per nail £2

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